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Protein Profection
Price $ 59.95
Item: ProPerfection



one of Damo's Favourite’s!  and Aussie made!

This Product has multiple uses because of the great stck of Branch chain amino acids also present; I use this as an intra workout supplement or post workout, sometimes even of a morning for those days you just want something sweet to start your day.


Product Description: Protein Perfection – “Protein Water” is a revolutionary new product! Forget proteins that don’t mix! Forget the unpleasant milky texture! GLUTEN and LACTOSE FREE!

This PROTEIN WATER instantly mixes with water and is specifically to aid in “PROTEIN” uptake and daily “WATER” consumption! We understand it’s hard to get enough protein daily and we also understand drinking plain water is a pain! We say no more! This product helps give water a smooth texture while also delivering the best protein source into your system!

This product has been designed with the help of thirty-three (33) exclusively selected members from your own Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) community in Brisbane. That’s right! Your own community members helped with the development of the taste of the product to ensure that it met the unique taste requirements of our valued community members like yourself!

This is an instantized absorbing protein which benefits in having minimal impact on your digestive system. By having the fastest absorbing protein available, this means the quality of the protein provided by this product exceeds any Whey (Dairy) protein available by delivering a more efficient absorbable protein. This is because proteins such as Whey Protein loses a considerable amount of its protein while being digested because wastage occurs during digestion, however because “Protein Perfection – Protein Water” is an immediate absorbing protein, 99% of the protein gets absorbed instantly into your body, making it one of the most efficient proteins available.

The “Protein Perfection – Protein Water”, also contains the full spectrum of 18 amino acids which many of our competitors only use 8 amino acids. This product states it’s claim as one of the most comprehensive and unique protein released to date!



Directions For Use:


For each scoop (1) take between 200 – 1000ML of water, or taste preference. To achieve the equivalent of 15.66 – 31.32g protein, a total of 2 – 4 scoops is to be used.


Made in Australia from Local and imported ingredients.

Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.