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ATP Multi Food
Price $ 59.95
Item: MultiFood

90 Capsules

Do you believe nature knows best? Well at ATP Science we do. We believe that vitamins and minerals from organic, natural sources are more easily absorbed and used in the body than synthetic, man-made goo excreted from the ass of a genetically modified bacteria. If you like the sound of fruit and vegetable extracts rather than eating Shizen then take Multi Food, if not, eat sh#t!


ATP Science Multi Food blend using Orgenetics TM ingredients (Guava leaves and fruit, Phyllanthus emblica, Wrightia tinctoria, Lantana camara, Holy basil, Lemon peel, Moringa oleifera, Sesbansia grandiflora), Saccharomyces cerevisiae var, boulardii, rice extract, rice concentrate, Hypromellose, Anatase.


Multi-Food by ATP Science is a multi vitamin and mineral product entirely derived from 100% real organic and natural food ingredients. Multi Food compared to all other multi vitamins does not contain any synthetic vitamins therefore, provides your body with high quality natural vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants the body can fully utilise for important functions.

Multi Food will provide your body with anti-oxidants, synergistic mineral combinations and key plant, fruit and tree extracts known for their benefits in improving gut health, vitality, metabolic health and blood sugar regulation.


Multi Food Benefits:

  • All natural product
  • Powerful anti oxidant
  • Increases energy
  • Helps to combat insulin resistance
  • *Reduces Fatigue
  • *Reduces anxiety
  • *Supports the immune system
  • Anti inflammatory

Why do we need nutrients?

Nutrients are essential for our bodies in order to perform everyday activities in our lives. The body will use Nutrients daily to not only give us energy, protect our immune systems and improve general health and well being , but they also help for the production of:

  • Hair, skin and nails
  • The creation of thousands of red blood cells to transport these nutrients and the ever essential oxygen into every cell in your body
  • The production of white blood cells to fight infection and increase your body’s immune response
  • Critical electrical impulse signals for optimum brain function and cognitive abilities
  • Your body’s tissues to formulate the orchestra of life by shuttling proteins and fatty acids from organ to organ for the sustainability of life

Directions for use:

Take 3 capsules daily with food. Capsules can be opened and sprinkled onto foods or added into juices or smoothies as desired.